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About Pallet Central Enterprises
About Pallet Central Enterprises

Pallet Central Enterprises, founded in 2005, is proud to announce that it is a woman owned certified business. Our management team has accumulated over eighty (80) years of combined pallet experience. Still, Pallet Central continues to rapidly grow and expand. With a high-ranking position of 148 on Inc. 500ís annual list of the fastest-growing businesses, Pallet Central retains its position among businesses such as Microsoft and American Apparel. We are proud to be ranked among such companies, but we are also proud to be recognized for being a flexible and innovative business. Our quality products and customer service has earned us the title of being dependable and loyal to our customers. As a member of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) since 2003, we are dedicated to the advancement of the pallet industry as a whole.

Our specialties are pallets and crates: new, used, recycled, custom, plastic, wooden, Euro, CPI, can pallets, glass pallets, and ISPM-15 compliant. Pallet Central Enterprises also handles kraft paper, tier sheets, top frames, recyclables, pallet design, pallet management systems, closed-end or open-end logistic solutions, and trucking services. We currently provide services to an array of industries, such a Warehousing, Grocery, Retail, Import and Export, Agriculture, Glass and Plastic, and Manufacturing. We customize and design products that are flexible to our customersí needs. Donít forget that we also handle pallet management and banking on both national and international levels Ė both inbound and outbound.

The customer and the environment are very important to Pallet Central Enterprises. Our product designs keep this in mind by focusing on the customerís needs, and by recovering and reusing pallets in the most environmentally friendly manner available. Currently, Pallet Central Enterprises is assisting our customers with economical solutions to dunnage and pallet management on a national scale. Across town, in-house from plant to plant, or overseas, we provide the expertise to minimize your expense while conforming to interstate, intrastate, or international regulations. We work with our customers to meet their pallet specifications and needs.

Our mission is to be your one stop shop - Nationwide Pallet Network!

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