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Big Pak Series: 1200 x 1000
    Big Pak Series: 1200 x 1000
    Purchase Big Pak Series: 1200 x 1000
      Big Pak Series: 1200 x 1000

    • Shipping Weight: 20.00 pounds



    • 1200mm x 1000mm
    • Four-way entry for quicker more efficient handling
    • Made from HDPe – environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
    • Fully nestable to conserve space – Lowers return cost
    • Paks twin-sheet thermoformed lid and pallet have interlocking feature for secure stacking and safe transport
    • Knocked-down pallet and cover are designed with splash-proof lip
    • Pak’s twin-sheet thermoformed pallet is engineered with hand pockets for easy maneuvering
    • Hand holes on twin-sheet thermoformed sleeve are designed to be shielded by the cover, adding protection from the environment
    • Lightweight for better ergonomics – Worker friendly
    • Lower cost alternative vs. rigid alternatives

    • Custom color(s)
    • Custom stripe(s) – Only in 48” direction
    • Legs without drain holes available
    • Logo plate placement
    • Sleeve’s Z-fold design makes collapsing and storing within pallet and cover easy and space saving
    • Three varieties of sleeve material: twin-sheet thermoformed (HDPe), fluted
    • Plastic, and fiberboard corrugated
    • The unit can be completely secured using Velcro straps, rubber bungy cords or Trienda’s patented ever-Lok® 2 clips
    • Twin-sheet thermoformed sleeve has built-in living hinge
    • Reversible twin-sheet thermoformed sleeve