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    Dunnage sounds like a strange term, but it definitely has an important purpose. It can be made from various materials; Kraft Tier Sheets, Chip Board, Edgeboard, and Top Frames. Dunnage is mainly used when packing, filling and/or for support when transporting or storing goods.

    Dunnage is commonly used in the transport industry in semi-trailers. Even food that is usually tightly packed and wrapped on wooden pallets often requires a material to be slipped in between to prevent jostling.

    Wooden Top Frames
    Top Frames are a packaging specialty and our customers find them ideal for unitizing bulk container shipments of metal cans, glass jars, glass bottles, and plastic bottles.

    When combined with pallets, these 44” x 56” top frames securely stabilize the load for your product. The nominal 4" or 6" wide perimeter frame provides superior support for many types of product loads. Each Top Frame has clipped corners to allow for quicker loading procedures when pin wheeling trucks, handling finished goods, and eliminated sharp corners from puncturing stretch film. Our wood top frames will provide your company with the durability needed to keep packaging costs down.

    We understand how important it is for your wooden top frames to work properly. Because all of our top frames meet and exceed industry standards, we have never had a load rejected by any of our customers.

    Edgeboard (corner board, edge protector, corner protector, V-board) is used to protect the corners of a variety of unitized loads. There are also smaller pieces of corner protectors that are called strap protectors. You will find these strap protectors used a lot in the lumber industry. They also manufacture edgeboard with cutouts in one leg so that the board will bend around round products.

    • We sell edgeboard by the full skid ONLY.
    • Skid Quantities will vary by the dimensions of the piece.
    • Lead times are typically 2 weeks.
    • Printing is available on edgeboard.
    • One time artwork charges and per piece charges will apply.
    • Moisture resistant edgeboard is available for refrigerated applications.
      All Edgeboard is Measured by:
    1. Length of the legs ( B & C)
    2. Length of the piece ( A )
    3. Thickness ( D )
    4. E.g. 2" x 2" x 48" x .180"
      Other Applications
    • Extruded Plastics
    • Inside box supports
    • Furniture