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Euro Pallets
    Euro Pallets

    The work of the of the European Pallet Association, its National Committees and licensees forms the stable basis for the successful, open pallet pool and enables the global exchange of EPAL load carriers. There are more than 450 million EPAL pallets in circulation around the globe that are used throughout the sector and it would be impossible to imagine industry and logistics without them. Their meticulous adaption to the needs of the market has enabled the alignment of nearly all warehouse and transport systems throughout Europe to the standard dimensions. Constant quality assurance and high quality materials ensure trouble-free, safe performance for users and loading. Their multiple use saves a considerable amount of environmental and economic resources

    • EPAL pallets safely cross borders all over the world.
    • EPAL pallets guarantee smooth transport of goods.
    • EPAL pallets ensure stable storage of goods.
    • EPAL pallets ensure maximum occupational safety thanks to their high quality.
    • Boards: 11
    • Nails: 78
    • Blocks: 9
    • Length: 800 mm
    • Width: 1,200 mm
    • Height: 144 mm
    • Weight: approx. 25 kg
    • Safe working load: 1,500 kg
    • Maximum additional load: 4,000 kg when stacking
    • Produced according to the EPAL technical regulations
    • Branded markings of the European Pallet Association e.V.
    • IPPC branded marking in accordance with the national plant protection rules (mandatory since 01/01/2010 for EPAL pallets)
    • Country code
    • Registration number of the responsible Plant Protection Authority
    • Method of treatment (heat treatment)
    • EPAL control staple (mandatory)
    • Repair nail (only present if the pallet is a repaired EPAL pallet)
    • Licence number – Year – Month