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PCE: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What region(s) do you service?
A. Pallet Central Enterprises (PCE) serves the continental United States, and Canada. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Q. How can I place an order?
A. A customer can place an order and/or receive a sales quote in one of two ways. By visiting the "PCE Sales Request" page, a customer may fill out a simple form. Or a customer may call the Pallet Central Enterprises (PCE) Main Office at (404) 814-1048 where a National Sales Representatives will be assigned to their account.

Q. Are drop trailers available?
A. Yes. Customers with numerous weekly loads and/or long loading times may choose to utilize drop trailers.

Q. What products and services do you offer?
A. Our services include: brand new pallet manufacturing, pallet re-manufacturing and recycling a large assortment of the most popular sized pallets. A listing of our products and services may be found on the PCE Services and PCE Products pages.

Q. Does Pallet Central Enterprises own its trucks?
A. No. Pallet Central Enterprises is a non-asset brokerage. Our trucking division, Pallet Central Express, works with regional and long haul carriers to obtain the most cost effective solution for our customers.

Q. What types of transportation services do you offer?
A. Pallet Central Enterprises offers its customers a number of choices; though, a majority of freight is transported on 53 foot dry vans, flatbed trucks are available.

Q. What type of specifications do I need to provide when placing an order or asking for a quote?
A. When discussing pallets with us, you would refer to size, type of lumber, i.e. new or used, whether it would be used for export overseas, weight to be handled by the pallet, space in between boards, whether an extra stringer is required in case the weight is too heavy, whether you require hard wood or softwood, and any other specification you deem necessary.

Q. How much weight can a pallet hold?
A. Once you inform us of the weight to be handled, we will manufacture a brand new pallet or recommend a recycled pallet to adjust to your needs.

Q. What are your lead times?
A. Our standard lead time for existing customers is 72 hours from order placement to delivery. In the case of new customers, our standard lead time is up to five business days.

Q. Technical definition of two-way pallet and four-way pallet

  • Two-way runner pallet allows the entry of forks or hand pallet trucks from two sides only and in opposite directions. These runners do have the best strength.
  • Four-way runner pallet does allow for forklift entry from all sides; however, it is a little less durable. These pallets come in two sub-categories:
  • Block design pallet allows four-way entry with both forklift and hand pallet trucks.
  • Notched stringer pallet design allows four-way entry only with forklift trucks, and two-way entry with hand pallet trucks.