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PCE: US Sales Locations

Our Team

Michelle Blizzard - National Sales Manager: Continental US

Michelle Blizzard

National Sales Manager
Continental US



Jameson Humber - Director of Sales: Glass, Can, and Metal

Jameson Humber

Director of Sales
Glass, Can, and Metal

Mike Schwietz - National Account Manager: FL and GA

Mike Schwietz

National Account Manager
FL and GA

PCE Sales Rep: Sara Comiskey

Sara Comiskey

National Account Manager

PCE Sales Rep: Tom Adams

Tom Adams

National Plastics Manager

PCE Sales Rep: Chip Buck

Chip Buck

Regional Sales Representative
TN, MO, IL, and OK

PCE Sales Rep: Kalei Enterline

Kalei Enterline

Regional Sales Representative
OH, IL, IN, and MI

PCE Sales Rep: Pete Erickson

Pete Erickson

Regional Sales Representative
WI, MN, and IL

PCE Sales Rep: Jeremy Foutch

Jeremy Foutch

Regional Sales Representative
CA and NV

PCE Sales Rep: Jay Lipsitz

Jay Lipsitz

Regional Sales Representative
GA and AL

PCE Sales Rep: Will Weaver

Will Weaver

Regional Sales Representative
KY, OH, IN, WV, and VA

Lyubka Bakalova - Director of Corporate Operations

Lyubka Bakalova

Director of
Corporate Operations




Susan Kramer - General Manager

Susan Kramer

General Manager

Derek Moore - Transportation Manager

Derek Moore

Transportation Manager




Alex Watson - Manager

Alex Watson