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TriEnda Plastic Pallets Product Specifications

Pallet Central Enterprises, Inc. is proud to partner with TriEnda Plastics to service your plastic pallet and specialty packaging needs. TriEnda uses in house R&D and design workings, along with the latest Computer Aided Design and support tools to create Thermoformed Plastic Pallets. This leads to lower prices and longer lasting pallets for you, the end customer. TriEnda is a preferred supplier of the US Postal Service and all of the major US car manufacturers. As with all of our plastic pallets, these pallets are 100% recyclable, save you money in the long run due to lower replacement requirements, and have high residual value at end of life.

Click on these links to obtain more information about many of our plastic pallet products. You may also download the Trienda Plastic Product Brochure by clicking here. Interested in more information, please click here to contact us regarding custom pallet design.

    BP4048B SP - Features
    BP4048B SP - Specifics
    BP4048WTP WTC - Features
    BP4048WTP WTC - Specifics
    BP4448B SP - Features
    BP4448B SP - Specifics
    BP4454B SP - Features
    BP4454B SP - Specifics
    BP4458B SP - Features
    BP4458B SP - Specifics
    BIG PAKS 1200 - Features
    BIG PAKS 1200 - Specifics
    DC4V 4048TP - Features
    DC4V 4048TP - Specifics
    DC4VHP 4048TP - Features
    DC4VHP 4048TP - Specifics
    DC1 4048NLT - Features
    DC1 4048NLT - Specifics
    DC4 4048TP - Features
    DC4 4048TP - Specifics
    DC4 4248 - Features
    DC4 4248 - Specifics
    HP4048 SP - Features
    HP4048 SP - Specifics
    LP4048 SP - Features
    LP4048 SP - Specifics

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