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In The News

Recent news, trade articles, and special events concerning Pallet Central Enterprises or the Pallet Industry are posted to this area on a regular basis. Be sure to visit this page to catch up on the latest.

New Product Line:

TriEnda Plastic Pallets
Pallet Central Enterprises, Inc. is proud to partner with TriEnda Plastics to service your plastic pallet and specialty packaging needs. TriEnda uses in house R&D and design workings, along with the latest Computer Aided Design and support tools to create Thermoformed Plastic Pallets. This leads to lower prices and longer lasting pallets for you, the end customer. TriEnda is a preferred supplier of the US Postal Service and all of the major US car manufacturers. As with all of our plastic pallets, these pallets are 100% recyclable, save you money in the long run due to lower replacement requirements, and have high residual value at end of life.

Industry Articles:

NWPCA Appeals to ALSC on ISPM-15 Recycling Issue
Source: Way Out West
Led by NWPCA Chairman of the Board Joe O’Brien, Recyclers Council Chair Paul Lovett, Secretary/Treasurer Jim Schwab, and NWPCA’s legal counsel Jan Holt, the association made a strong and impassioned case at the American Lumber Standard (ALS) Committee Meeting, November 8 in New Orleans, Louisiana. At issue was the current requirement that ALS imposes on pallet recyclers in the ISPM-15 HT program to obliterate all ISPM-15 marks from pallets destined for domestic commerce. With approximately 85% of all recycled pallets traded domestically, this unnecessary requirement imposes significant costs on program participants and places them at a significant competitive disadvantage to companies not in the program for this domestic business.

NWPCA Joins The Coalition Against Forest Pests
Source: NWPCA
Joint Letter to Budget Chairs Urges Continued Funding for Tree and Wood Pests. NWPCA joined with other trade associations and organizations in signing a letter addressed to Budget Conference Co-Chair Paul Ryan and Budget Conference Vice-Chair Patty Murray, urging them to maintain funding for the “Tree and Wood Pests” and “Specialty Crops” budget lines under the USDA APHIS Plant Health program. This program supports eradication and control efforts targeting the Asian longhorned beetle, sudden oak death pathogen, emerald ash borer, and other damaging pests. Equally important is maintaining funding for the Forest Service Forest Health Management (FHM) Program. The Forest Service Research Program provides the scientific foundation for developing effective tools to detect and manage forest pests and the pathways by which they are introduced and spread.

Penn State Research on Pallet Industry
Source: Pallet Central
A final report was released in June (2013) on a project supported in part by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) on The Impacts of Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Resources on Firm Performance: Results from the Wood Pallet and Container Industry1. Dr. Judd Michael, who headed up the research project, wrote two preliminary articles that appeared in PalletCentral last year.

Proposed iGPS Sale Slammed by Dept of Justice
Source: Way Out West
After former CEO Bob Moore left the helm of iGPS, it seemed that the plastic pallet rental company was thankfully headed for a lower profile. That certainly was not the case in June, as the month began with a bankruptcy and sale announcement by iGPS, and is now closing with some harsh criticism from a government bankruptcy watchdog.

Costco Issues Pallet Specs Revisions
Source: NWPCA
Costco has made some slight alterations to its pallet specifications; however, none of the changes affect pallet structure or design. The company now requires that block and purpose-built pallet approvals be renewed/re-approved annually.

New I-9 Form Required
Source: NWPCA
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the release of a revised Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form. The new form must be used starting May 7, 2013.


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